Saturday, January 20, 2007

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So Very Cute & Fuzzy!
Grandma came to babysit her last night at the hotel and brought her an early Valentine's present. Daddy's work holiday party was last night at the Doubletree hotel in Minneapolis and we decided to get a suite there and spend the night and have grandma come babysit.

It's a nice warm jacket and will work great on those days I don't want to stick her in a full snow suit. Plus she looks adorable in it, even if she looks a little grumpy right now - which is because little girl has been fighting nap taking today.

The party was a good time; the food was good; daddy won a few little prizes - none of the big ones; mommy could come to the room and go to sleep early like she normally does and daddy could stay & play. So, it worked out well for all of us.

A Little Over the Top

Now sure how much we'll use the hat, as it is one that just sits there and doesn't stay on the head very well. Plus, with the hat she just looks loike a cotton ball, unless we can find some big sunglasses for her - then she might pull off a whole glam look. I might have to try her pink heart glasses on with this - it could work. Although I put them on her the other day and she just pulls them off and puts them in her mouth.

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