Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

I thought this was a cheerleading outfit. Daddy thought it looked like a tennis outfit. I suppose that many tennis outfits and cheerleading outfits look similar.

What did we do for New Year's Eve? Well, daddy was on the computer at the time and didn't even realize he missed New Year's. Mommy & Isabel were both fast asleep. We all slept much better with her in her own crib in her own room.

Give Me an "I"

Give me a "S", Give me an "A", Give me a "B", Give me a "E", Give me a "L" What's that spell? ISABEL!

Isabel and I went shopping today at Target to pick up a few things and she did a fantastic job. I needed to pick up a couple of new pacifiers for her. She has recently been enjoying them occasionally, but she is fond of these Pooh ones from Target, but they were size 0-3 months and are a little small for her. So, we bought the other size now. She seems to like the nipple on these ones the best and they aren't like any others.

Same Picture, Different Look

This is a cartoon look.

How Long Will It Take to Remember to Write 2007 on Checks?

Such a thing for a baby to think about? But isn't that always the stumper of a new year, having to remember that the year is different when you write out a check or the date on something.

I was getting much better pictures in her bedroom since the lighting is better and the walls and much of the furniture is yellow or white. The light bounces around better.

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Drea said...

love the photo fliters you used! thats so cool. she looks like a painting.