Monday, January 22, 2007

Hanging with Friends

Playdate with Noah
He is closer to the camera, so he looks a lot bigger than she is. He is bigger than she is, but not as much as the picture makes it look. He is 5 weeks older than her. It's kind of difficult to get them both looking at the camera at the same time. One will look away while the other looks at you. And Noah is crawling all over the place and once he would notice the camera he would start crawling towards it. I am sure Isabel will be doing the same thing as soon as she starts crawling.

Sitting Pretty with a Wry Smile

It took her a little while to warm up and start playing today, but once she did, she was good to go. I was glad we had this playdate set up, because as soon as I checked my messages on the way home I found out that daycare closed because one of her kids had strep throat. So, I am glad Isabel got to play with other kids for a little bit. She likes being social.

Although, it changed my plans for the day. I was planning on getting my oil changed, go out for lunch, do some banking, clean up a little bit around the house, and take a nap. None of that happened. Because she napped on the way to their house (they live an hour away) and the way back, she didn't take a very long nap this afternoon.

Hello Ladies! My Name is Noah.

He kept trying to get the camera, so I kept taking snapshots. You should see him with his brother. No two kids could be more different from each other. Noah will be 1 in April and Kallen will be 4 in April.

Mmmmm! He has Yummy Toys Too.

Of course, she had to taste every toy.
This week she will have swim class tomorrow night. Wednesday AM she has her eye doctor appt. And then Thursday & Friday we are going to be more laid back. Daddy has this work retreat to go on and has to leave super early on Friday AM and doesn't return until Saturday evening. So, I am not sure what Isabel & I will do Saturday. Maybe we'll find someone to go visit in the AM or we'll to to the library or to Target. Who knows.

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Meow said...

You better keep an eye on this guy. I bet dad is freaking out already. WHAT a boyfriend already!