Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Things are Going Good

Today she had her eye doctor appointment. I wished they used all the fun toys on my exams like they do for kids. Anyways, her eyes look normal for an 8 month old. So, unless we notice something odd, we don't go back for a follow-up appointment until she is 3 years old. Her eyes did stay dialated for a pretty long time. They are still a little dialated (appoint6ment was at 8 am). Mine stay dialated for a long time too and babies are supposed stay dialated longer than adults.

Swim class is going well. It was a little chilly there last night, but we had fun. The changing room/ locker/ bathroom situation is less than ideal. It's actually enough of an inconvenience that I might check into the other places that do parent/tot swim classes for a future class. I know one of the fitness centers does them, as well as another hotel. So, maybe I will check those out next time. This summer we'll take classes at our own city pool, which is outdoors.

We don't have another medical doctor visit until next month when she turns 9 months and thankfully there will be no shots this time.

Nothing else new or exciting to report. I could say that it looks like those tops ones are coming in, but you wouldn't believe me. Heck, I don't even believe me anymore. So, until they actually come in you won't hear about it. No teeth yet.

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