Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Playing with Daddy


Isabel is playing with daddy before we went to swim class. She is playing with her FrankenPig - something dad picked out for her. It's strange, but she loves it because she can easily grab it and chew on the tubes that are coming out of the pig. Strange toy.

She thinks daddy is pretty cool now. When she was younger she was kinda afraid of him and never really motioned to go to him. Now, she gets so excited when she sees him and loves playing with him. She just laughs and laughs when she plays with the big guy. Of course, she still loves being with mommy too. You can really tell that she prefers to have both of us there giving her our attention. She gets a little jealous if we are talking to each other while we are playing with her and gets whiny until we start paying more attention to her.

Pounding Fun.

Daddy taught her how to pound things together a few days ago and she just loves it. She had never really modeled behavior from him, that he noticed. So, he was excited about seeing her do this.

Daddy also invented a little game for himself when he plays with her. She's all about knocking things down - like it's her job or something. So, his game is he tries to see how many cups or blocks he can get stacked before she notices and knocks it down and then tries to beat his record.

At swim class she seemed to like it more this time since it was all more familiar. She thinks it's hilarious when she watches mom blow bubbles in the water. The kids are supposed to do it, but she's not into that yet. So, I just show her. She's the youngest in the class. The class has an age range of 6mo.-3 years.

Another cute things she does is how excited she gets when we put out her blanket (the cow - Larry- print one Auntie Phanie made for her) to play on. When she plays in the living room we always put that blanket down first before we put her on the floor with her toys. Now when she sees it coming out she just squeals with delight. It's cute.


Meow said...

She'll be knockin' things from this point on.

Kinky Phanie Gates said...

I'm glad she likes the cow blanket. Actually, she probably justs gets excited, b/c she associates seeing the blanket with play time!

Isabel's Mommy said...

I know she is more excited because of the association, but she really does love the print. It reminds her of her kitties.