Saturday, January 20, 2007

Swimming Fun

I took this picture with my camera phone because I had forgotten the camera at home. Anyways, this is one of her many cute little suits. It's a bright salmon pink color and those little things on it are butterflies. It's from Gymboree.

We went swimming this AM. I dunked her under twice and she did just fine with it. They had been doing it as part of oue swim class, but I just didn't feel like doing it then. I felt better about trying it when we had a pool all to ourselves and there wasn't so much stimulation. She didn't cry or anything and wanted to keep on playing.

She's starting to kick more when she swims on her stomach. Everyone kept telling me about how babies naturally know how to swim, so I looked it up because she doesn't seem to naturally know what to do. Anyways, they lose that natural swim instinct by about 3 months of age, the same time they lose all those other inborn instincts & reflexes.

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