Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bunch of Pics from Sunday

Spotlight on Isabel
Lately she has been into blowing bubbles. She blows bubbles in cups of water, try to blow bubbles in her sippy cup, and blows bubbles with her food -- which just leaves all of us needing a change of clothes.
I'm Feeling Sassy.
Last night she did better about sleeping in her bed longer, which is not to say that she stayed asleep the tentire time she was there, but she was better about being put back to bed and putting herself back to sleep. Eventually, she did come in our room. Byut she did sleep in her crib more than in our bed last night, which is good for all of us.
Right now we are listening to Bobby Pulido. It's Latin music. This is what she listens to at daycare at naptime. We borrowed it for the weekend.
Hello World!

She plays pat-a-cake. I am sure she learned it at daycare, because daddy & I were playing it with her yesterday and she already knew what to do. It's very cute.


It's cold here; we don't much care for it. And it's only supposed to get colder next weekend.

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Meow said...

Watch it with the Latin music. You don't want a baby Shakira do you? LOL