Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Learning Signs

Well, I have been consistently using the signs for “bath”, “more”, “nurse/milk” & “pick me up” and she knows what they mean and responds what that is something she wants.

We’re going to introduce a couple more signs for her now: Cat , Gentle Touch, Potty, & Swim.

This is the third time I am trying to type this post and blogger keeps deleting this middle part. Argh!

We have done mommy, daddy, I love you, & eat but we haven’t done those consistently enough. So, I am not sure if she understands them for sure or not. The daycare provider did eat with her the other day and said she responded that she understood what it meant.

I asked the daycare lady to do some of the signs with her and she said she thought all the kids would enjoy learning them too. So, she has started with "I love you" and "eat". She said the older kids were enjoying making those signs all day. She is going to get the book I read so that she can steach them all more signs.

And she teaches them Spanish as well. It is amazing how well the kids understand her in both English and Spanish.

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