Saturday, January 13, 2007

34 Weeks

Such a Nice Smile.

She got some decent sleep last night, but not mom & dad. Actually, mom didn't do too bad, but she was worried about dad. Little girl brought the stomach flu into our house. Whereas mom is relatively silent about expelling items from her stomach, dad sounds like he is being tortured and that someone is ripping out all of his innards. The first episode of this for him was at 9:30 last night and he was so scary sounding that baby girl starting crying. I think I might have cried a little too. I wanted to go take care of him, but once I sat up in bed I knew I would have to run to a different toilet (good thing we have so many in our house.) He had a pretty rough night. He had issues again at 3am and 5:30am. I think he slept n the bathroom floor most of the night. Also, daddy is not very good about being sick. Mommy had some issue yesterday afternoon @ 3:30pm and then again at 6:30pm (right after I laid her in bed.) It was difficult trying to care for Isabel when I have a broken toe and don't get around the best and then dealing with all the flu symptoms.

Today I feel a little better, but I have an awful headache.

I Can Play the Piano. See!

She's been in a relatively good mood, thankfully. And against my better judgement, I let her watch an episode of Barney the other day. I put it on right after I broke my toe so that I could sit there with it elevated and with ice on it and give the Aleve a chance to start working. They watch some Barney at daycare, so she knew what it was and watched the entire show, so did mom. I will never get that out of my head. I find Baby Bop kinda whiny and the other smaller dinosaurs are just too hyper and annoying. Although I did have to say I did like the actual content, just that the dinosaurs were annoying.

Growing Up So Fast.

Her outfit today are some mix & match pieces mom bought. First are some tights she has worn several times before, next are 2 new pieces from Target - a Levi's top and a Cherokee skirt, and topped off with a vintage Gymboree Sweater. Oh, and a cute little barrette from TCP in her hair.


Meow said...

CUTE outfit. You can see in the last photo that she's gonna be a real bombshell. She's gonna have that Isabella Rosalini, or Kate Blanchette kinda beauty going on. Poor you.

Isabel's Mommy said...


I thinks she's the most beautiful baby in the world, but of course I am biased.

Daddy will have his work cut out for him, chasing the boys away.

Isabel's Mommy said...

I put her 7 month portrait in the MyHeritage Face Recognition Software and these were her top 4 results:

Jean Harlow (73%)
Audrey Tautou (68%)
Neve Campbell (64%)
Roselyn Sanchez (62%)

Out of the 10 results it gave me, it only gave me women. She must have very feminine features then.