Thursday, January 25, 2007

Becoming a Big Girl.

Well, this week she started taking naps with the big kids at naptime. Before she always napped in a pack-n-play in a bedroom, now she naps on a blanket on the living room floor just like all the big kids.

She also had Nilla Wafers with the big kids. She watched them eat it the other day and really wanted some, so I said it was ok to try it. I guess she loved it. She has been eating her puffs all the time. I tried giving her jello the other day and she didn't much care for it. She might change her mind about jello some other time.

She starting to get that butt up in the air a little bit and is working hard on trying to crawl. She is actually starting to enjoy being on her stomach a big because she can push herself up nice & high and see all around.

She was so tired this evening that she fell asleep while she was playing in her crib and I had to wake her up so that I could give her a bath, change her diaper (which she had just pooped in) and put some pj's on. She fell asleep in 20 minutes after I started nursing her.

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