Monday, January 08, 2007

Some Pictures From This Afternoon

Isabel's New Toy
Now that daddy got a new cell phone, Isabel's gets his old one. She tries to get ahold of our cell phones all the time. So, Gramps, she now has her own phone - but since it doesn't have it's own SIM card or her own number, you'll still have to reach her on mom's cell or the home number.

She's got this thing about having her pant legs creep up. I made sure the overalls were long enough, but like most pants she wears, they end up over her calves. No matter how many times you pull them down.

So Precious

She was staring at Larry at the time, so I had a chance to get a still picture of her hand. I don't think I ever got a good close-up of her hand before. I kinda like that I have the dolls hand right there too. It looks neat. I would love to say that my "eye"caught that, but it was totally luck.

All Plugged Up

She been enjoying having a pacifier now & again. Yesterday, when Isabel & I were shopping @ Target we bought her 2 more pacifiers. These ones (one is pictured) have bling on them. Since she's facing down it's hard to see the rhinestones on it.

That bus toy is something she got from her Uncle Al for Christmas. She loves it. All you do is press the different buttons and it makes different animals noises and plays songs. The box said it was for 18mo.+, but I am not sure why. She has figured out how to work it just fine.

I Want to Eat the Camera!

If there are toys present I can't get her to look at me. But here I thought I would go in for a close-up and she decided it was going to be REALLY close. She wanted to put it in her mouth, like she does with everything else. Well, except her basket of swimsuits. We were going through this little basket I had with swimsuits in for her and washable swim diapers and she kept taknig them out and I would put them back in and she would pull them back out. She was having fun with that little game & none of them went in her mouth. I think she liked look at all the fun colors of the different suits. She had to try on a couple to make sure they would fit her (since I bought them last summer) and then pick out one for class tomorrow night.

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