Thursday, January 04, 2007

Playing with Different Software


I was fooling around with some different editing software. I am not sure at this point I could exactly re-create this, but I kinda think it looks like a painting the way I edited.

Can you tell what she ate for dinner? Carrots. Lately, she has been on a fruit strike. She only want to eat veggies and doesn't want to eat any fruits. But she still drinks her breastmilk and eat her rice cereal mixed with veggies and eats her banana puffs snacks.


Or is it -- "I caught a fish and it was this big!"

I thought this was kinda cute but it was shadowed over half of it and so I was goofing around with the software to see how I can lighten the shadow. I didn't spend too much time on either one because the baby doesn't give me too much time, but I had a few minutes to play around with it.

Tonight I filled out the registration to go to the Infant ECFE classes in our hometown. Those classes won't start until February, but our water classes start next week. The 2 classes will overlap by 3 weeks.

Isabel's bottom half is finally starting to catch up with her top half. She now needs 12 month bottoms (although 12 month tops will probably be outgrown soon - I tell you, she's part giant.) And her feet are finally starting to grown. She's still in a size 2, but now she's filling out more of the shoe. Her feet are small for her age, and really small foe her height.

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