Wednesday, January 03, 2007

ISO Warm Winter Outerwear

So, I always seem to forget something in WI when we go there. This time I forgot the bag with Isabel's snowsuit in it, her jacket, a hat, scarf, and maybe mittens (can't remember if they were in there or not.) Anyways, I wasn't going to worry about having my parents send it priority mail, because she was was almost out of the snowsuit and needed a larger size anyways. And the jacket was a fall-weight suede one (since we haven't had really cold weather yet).

So, as a gift she had gotten a nice new snowsuit -- now too small. We received some vintage bunting suits from a couple of people -- guess what! -- too small. I have a whole collection of snowsuits & buntings that she never wore.

Ok - I did pick up some vintage snow pants -- woohoo! They fit! I also bought this jacket last winter from Old Navy, but it's so overstuffed that I have to loosen her seatbelt straps all the way to barely get her in. It's crazy how overstuffed it is. It's so overstuffed that the poor girl can't put her arms down. She hates it! But that's what we had to use for a couple days. I even washed it a couple times to see if that would help -- didn't really help.

So, a co-worker brought me one his daughter used. It was a vintage one that has been passed around, which is totally fine. But it is held together by 3 pieces of velcro, that overtime have become less and less effective and don't really hold it together. Although, she does look adorable in it.

So, then today during lunch I ran to this store that sells new & used kids & maternity clothes. It was crazy how much they wanted for a used snowsuit or jacket...they were new prices basically. Nope - can't spend that amount of money for something we'll only use for a couple of months. BTW - I had gone to Target this weekend looking for something, but they were all out of stuff for infants, the smallest jacket was a size 18 months and I tried it on her and the arms were twice as long as hers. But anyways, Target had their stuff marked half off, which made their new items cost less than the used stuff at this other store.

Ok - so, then I had a few minutes left and ran to the Salvation Army and they had a size 18 mo. suit - with a working zipper. It'll be a little big, but it's in good condition and was the right price. And if she grows anymore in the next 3 months of winter, then it should fit her the whole time. She is wearing size 12 month stuff right now. So, it's in the wash right now and we'll try it out tomorrow. So, keep your fingers crossed that this one will work out for us.

I have another set of mittens here for her, as well as other hats and a scarf. So, she will be kept warm (if it ever gets below freezing this winter -- not that I'm complaining -- really, I'm not!)

You know I wouldn't have this problem if 1) mommy wasn't forgetful and 2)my baby wasn't part giant.

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