Thursday, January 25, 2007

First words?

Well, were thinking she's doing some talking......

The first word would be "mamamama" She only says it when she is really upset and wants me to come get her and pick her up (or take her from daddy). It has never been just mama, it's always "mamamama", but she intends to get me to come to her. And I do. She's been doing this for a couple weeks now.

Last week sometime, daddy said "hi" to her and she said "hi" back. She has done it a few times since then with both of us, but it is always after we say "hi" first. So, that one may just be mimicking.

And finally, she said "Ki-e" (abbreviated form of kitty, just say it with out the t's) for the first time when she had her playdate with Noah. She said it after I brought her over to their cat. Since then she has said it a couple times at home when she has seen Larry and wanted to go by him.

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Isabel's Mommy said...

She said "dadadada" last night when daddy came in the room and stuck out her arms to go to him. I think daddy appreciated hearing it.