Saturday, December 23, 2006

31 Weeks Old

Giddy Up Eyore.
She's not sure about the rocking yet, but she loves the back hair on Eyore's mane and she loves pulling on his tail too and sticking that in her mouth. She's almost too big for it already since she is so tall.

I measured her head circumference today and it is 17 3/8", which is a half inch bigger than last month. And it makes sense too because the pink Winnie the Pooh winter hat she had is now too small and I just went to the Salvation Army and found a decent purple one for her for 50 cents.

Playing with Daddy.

Daddy was having fun stacking the blocks and then Isabel was having fun knocking them down.

She'll be wearing something different a little later. Instead if the yellow sweater she will be wearing a dress to grandma and grandpa's house for our Christmas celebration with all of daddy's family. I didn't want her to get breakfast or lunch on her dress, so I just put the sweater on for now and after lunch the dress wil go on.

Today I packed up her Baby Einstein play mat. She's just not that interested in it anymore. She would ratehr sit up and play. And now she is too tall to sit next to that and grab at the dangly things. Her head it right at the top and she would have to lean over to see anything at all. Our little girl is growing up.

The last couple of days she has done much better at sleeping during the night, which makes mom happy. She might be sleeping through the night after 10/11, but I wake her up around 3/4 to nurse because since I am still taking antibiotics for the mastitis and have had several plugged ducts recently, I just want to make sure everyting keep feeling ok.

We think she should hit a plateau right now in her growth spurt. When I look at growing trends of babies and how she falls in that, she should have a month here where she doesn't grow much. Last time that happened that was also the month she slept through the night. So, I don't want those teeth coming in anymore - at least for a month - I want some sleep!

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