Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Playing with My New Camera

Back to Posing

So many things to experiment with on the camera and on the accompanying software. This camera is so much better. Daddy exchanged the Fuji for a Kodak. The other camera didn't come with editing software either, so it was nice that this had some. I had never been a huge fan of sepia, but this looks nice. I did shadowing in the background too.

I'm a Good Girl.

She's napping right now and hopefully she naps good again today like she did yesterday. After her nap we are going to go to the county family clinic. It gives us something to do and besides, I need to go back into town to return some books to the library. I forgot to bring them this morning.

Mommy, You're Friggin' Hilarious

This morning the three of us we to the library book sale. I got 21 "new" (new to her, but used from the library) books for her for $2.80. What a fantastic price! It was crazy there. People were there with huge boxes and huge bags and were hoarding books. While mommy shopped for books for Isabel, daddy played with her in the play area and then we switched and he went shopping for books (a few for him and some for other people, that he thought they might like.)

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Mean Dr. Lily said...

Hey, toots -- it looks like on some of the close-ups it's a little blurry. Consider going into "macro" mode (the little flower) when shooting anything closer than 2 feet or so. The camera will focus better.

Then again, it might just be blurry because the file is shrunken down in size & quality when uploading to blogger.