Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Let Me Tell You a Story in Pictures....

Hi, I'm Isabel and This is Santa
Santa came to the daycare Christmas party this afternoon/early evening. Isabel does not seem at all phased by Santa, especially this time. But I suppose it's because he's some place she feels safe, plus she likes red.

What I Really Want for Christmas is...

My two bottom teeth.

Hey Luis, Just Pull On It! Like This!

All Luis can think is "Who is this big white guy?"

Santa was very tolerant of these two babies. Isabel seemed to do much of the pulling. Poor Santa.

This Here is My Boyfriend Luis.....

Luis thinks -- "Seriously, who is this big white guy?"

Both of them are such flirts. You should seem them together -- they can't keep their hands off of each other. They are always grabbing each other and holding hands and sticking their hands in each other's mouths and kissing each other. Daddy told her no boyfriends until she's 30, but do you think she would listen? It's no wonder that both of them have a cold. Aren't the kiddies so cute all dressed up like Santa themselves.

I'm Serious Luis, He Doesn't Mind if You Pull....

Luis Ponders, "Is anyone ever gonna tell me who this big white guy is?"

My daughter is such a troublemaker already.

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