Saturday, December 23, 2006

More Pictures from Today

Christmas @ Grandma's House
Christmas at grandma and grandpa's house was nice. Daddy is actually still out with the family as they were going to a Wild Hockey game tonight. Isabel needs her sleep, so she & mommy came home. Anyways, I think one of her favorite toys of the day was this very fat stuffed B&W cat. The coloring was like Lucy and the fatness was like Larry. It is perfect. She got that from her Uncle Tony & Aunt Carol. She received several other stuffed toys, some musical toys of various kinds, pajamas (other than those below), a print about her name, a blanket, some books, and a handmade tote that her great-grandma Mary made. I think that is everything. If I forgot something I am sorry, I don't have them here as they are in the trunk of daddy's car and I am trying to go from memory.

I like books.

Here she is playing with some toys that grandma has at her house. The dress she is wearing s one that grandma bought for her. Mommy likes to make sure that is grandma buys her an outfit she gets to see her actually in it. Guess she'll have to babysit at night if she wants to see the pajamas she bought her.

Tomorrow (Christmas Eve) we will open presents to each other, just the three of us. And then we are going to try to go to church that evening (we'll see how the baby is doing and is we think she can handle the disruption in her routine.) The Christmas Day I am cooking a meal for the three of us (well, just daddy & I will eat it.) Nothing too fancy, although I did buy a ham. And on Christmas Day morning we will open presents from Santa. At our house, Santa bring presents for everyone's stockings and then has a big present for Isabel and a present for the family (something we do together -- like watch a movie together or play a game together, etc. -- this is something that Santa always brought for mommy's family too).

Christmas Pajamas

Daddy & I had decided that a tradition we wanted to do is to always get new pajamas for Christmas that we can we then & continuing on. So, this morning the 3 of us opened our gift pajamas. These are Isabel's. They are from Carter's & Are 12 months. The short & bottoms are actually nice & long & they are meant to be snug fit. I put a long sleeve onesie on underneath because the top is short sleeve. I always put a onesie on underneath her pajamas during the winter so she has that extra layer to keep her warm.

There will definitly be more pictures the next 2 days, as mommy bought some other Christmas outfits that I told you about previously.

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Lame Shrill Owl said...

washclothes....she got a set of washclothes too.....

now that they are home and I just put everything under the tree I know.