Sunday, December 31, 2006

32 Weeks Old

Week Photo
I got this great photo album from my friend Jessi as a baby shower gift and I am using it to keep pictures for Isabel. It starts out with some maternity photos and then after that there is a picture from her birth and following that is a picture of her for every week. I should have it filled around the first year. So, I only put the "week" photo in there and try to have a full body shot.


She has gotten very wiggly and is moving all the time, so it's getting harder to get stills of her. I used to be able to also tell her to look and smile for mommy, but now she's more interested in her toys than in mommy. So, I have to start using toys to get her attention to me to take pictures.

Just for Fun!

A cute little coloring page of Isabel. You can see she is reaching for something. She has gotten a fast little grab and reach on her recently. You have to really be on the ball now. She is trying to grab absolutly everything.

These pictures were taken Saturday (today is Sunday).

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