Friday, December 15, 2006

Last Night

Looks Can Be Deceiving
You might look at this pictures and think it looks like a sleepy baby. Well, I thought so too. Then we started nursing and she wouldn't stop talking and sputtering. And ell, you can't nurse very well if you are talking and sputtering.

What is Larry Doing?

Larry is by far her favorite of her pets. But do you blame her, who could resist that huge ball of white fur. He's getting more comfortable with her as well. He's been coming in to visit while we take a bath at night, which gets her all excited and she starts flapping her arms as is she could fly over to him. And he's started sleeping in the trndle (filled with sheets and blankets) underneath her crib. So, he is getting close enough for her to want to play with him, but not really close enough for her to atually play with him. It might be him that gets her crawling. Although she doesn't seem to have much interest in crawling yet, but she does like to have help walking to things.

Mommy, How Come This Santa Looks Different than the Other One?

Since she wouldn't fall asleep and was wide awake I thought we would go to our town's ECFE Holiday party. We had registered to go to it on the off chance that she might be awake. So, we went and saw Santa. She didn't much care about him but was more interested in all the kids that were there. And there were a lot of kids.

She should get to see 3 different Santas this year. That could be confusing in a couple years. Anyways, her Christmas party at daycare is next Tuesday evening and Santa will be showing up there as well. And the kids are excahnging gifts, the two babies are exchanging with each other.

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