Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve Day

Opening Presents
We decided to open presents this morning. What fun is it to open up stuff right before you go to bed; you don't get a chance to play with your toys that way.

Her Favorite Part

Eating Paper.

Here you see her in one of her Christmas outfit that mommy bought for her.


She would play with this kind of toy at ECFE class. You push the top and it spins these balls around inside. She likes it. Daddy picked this out.

Other Presents

From mommy & daddy she got that spinner toy, a panda bear puppet, that box with the alphabet is filled with small board books - one for each letter of the alphabet, 4 other books, and this dangly thing that rattles and has lots of nice ribbons that she can grab (that's still wrapped in this picture.)

Mommy got a new digital camera for Christmas, so we'll see some pictures from that soon.

BTW - we named her fat stuffed cat Lulu.

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