Sunday, December 31, 2006

Other Pictures from Christmas at Grams & Gramps

How Does That Baby Do That?

She likes to watch HBO's Classical Baby, The Music Show. There are no words, just classical music set to animation with an animated baby as a conductor. I know that some people think you shouldn't let a baby watch TV until they are 2 years old, but I think you need to monitor what they watch. I generally watch it with her and I tell her what is going on in each of the songs. Yesterday when she was watching it she started giggling when the music was over and it showed all the animals clapping. I am not sure why she thought that was funny, but she was certainly giggling as she looked at it.

Isabel & Aunt Phanie

Auntie Phanie was having a good time playing with Isabel. She kept playing Upside-Down Baby with her. She just loves it. Isabel gets a lot of attention from family when we are with them. It helps that she is so smiley, it makes people attracted to her and want to play with her.

She got a lot of nice presents again. I am going to be picking out a bunch of her toys she got for Christmas form both families and us and putting them aside for a while and bringing them out later for her to enjoy. Right now there are just too many. Her favorites definitely seem to be the black and white items (2 cats, 1 panda, 1 panda puppet, 1 cow, and 1 cow print blanket). Although I believe she thinks they are all just like her kitties at home. She also really likes her stacking cups and stacking rings and a couple of toys that make noise

Don't Drop Her!

Auntie Phanie was a little afraid that Uncle Jason was going to drop her. Isabel got lots of play time in with her aunts & uncles. Her Auntie Razz and Uncle Shane came over early this morning to get in some play time before Auntie Phanie woke up and stole her attention. Uncle Al was even coaxing some smiles out of her. And Grams and Gramps got some quality play time and conversation time in with her.

Although, I make it all sound smooth and it was anything but that in the beginning. Stranger anxiety, as well as separation anxiety, as started to set in. When we were at Christmas at daddy's family she didn't want anyone touching her other than mom and dad. That wasn't much different when we first got to mommy's family, but since we were there from Thursday-Sunday she had time to warm up to them and get comfortable with them. Although, the separation anxiety was still present. If mom disappeared (even if she was with daddy) she got distressed, so mom hasn't been able to go to far from her.

She did ok on the long drive, but she certainly would rather be in mom's arms than strapped in. When we took stops, she would resist getting put back in the car seat again. She seemed very happy to be home again. All the familiar sights, sounds, & smells. She could see her kitties again, and play with her usual toys, take a bath her her bathtub, play in her exersaucer (this she was overly excited about), sit in her own highchair, have her normal nighttime routine with everything normal for her. She wasn't upset or anything at grams & gramps house, she was just REALLY excited once we got home. When we were there we kept her routine as normal as possible and have some of her familiar things there (like her classical baby dvd and her cd of music - we burned her cds to one cd to leave and grams house so we won't forget them all like last time.) It's just neat to see that she recognizes home and is excited to be there.

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