Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

They Never Let Her Play Any Reindeer Games

That could be because she's been kinda cranky today. Not sure why, but she is also all stuffy too and not wanting to eat any solids, just nurse.

She was disturbed from her normal routine last night because we took her to church. It was the first time we ever took her to church, which is mainy because the church we choose to go to has a Sunday evening mass - which was great pre-child, but now it puts her schedule off by an hour. She did pretty well there. There were other babies and when they would cry she would just look at them as if to say, "Why are you crying?" I think what is nice is that the music at our church is lively, so she hears me singing to it (she likes my singing) and we can bounce/dance to it in the pew, which she likes too.

Pedal to the Metal

The Leapfrog Driver was one of the toys Sanat brought her. He also brought her the Leapfrog Hoops, but she's not quite into that yet. She just wants to chew on the ball and watch us put it through the hoop and watch the screen talk & light up.

I'm Thinking About Becoming a Professional Present Unwrapper

She has gotten pretty good at unwrapping, and she will have more to unwrap this weekend when we go visit mommy's family.

This child has gotten very spoiled with toys. Some of them we will put aside until she has an interest in them or it the right age for them, although most are age appropriate.

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