Saturday, December 16, 2006

30 Weeks Old

Isabel Had a Little Lamb
Well, both mommy & baby are exhausted today. Mommy went to Urgent Care last night to find out that she had mastitis (which is what I figured) and now have antibiotics that I am supposed to take 4 times a day and drinks plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest. But will Isabel let me sleep last night? Noooooooo! This was one of the worst nights in a while. She did not want me to put her down in her crib. Every time I tried she woke up and cried. And these cries aren't just little cries or whimpers. She did let me sleep for a 4 hours stretch at one point, but honestly, that was about it.

I just have mastitis in one breast and it's the same breast I have been struggling with plugged ducts for 2 weeks. So, hopefully this acn all get fixed and my boob won't hurt anymore. Last night I was getting these shooting pains that were unbearable, which I why I finally went to Urgent Care. I tried to go on Monday because I couldn't get an appt. with my Ob-Gyn or my Family doc for a week (or I could get put on a cancellation list) or I could wait a day and see some other doc. Well, anyways, the wait @ UC was over an hour long and it was all these sick hacking people. I decided to wait a day and see the different family doc and then went home and proceeded to do what I was supposed to do -- apply warm wash clothes and massage it and keep breastfeeding frequently. Well, by the next day it was starting to feel better and that duct got unplugged and there were not masses in there, the redness was going away and the swelling was giong down. And things seemed to continue to get better the next 2 days. But then yesterday the shooting pains started and well, you know the rest. There are still some shooting pains, but not as frequent as last night.

We're supposed to go bowling today with dad's family and daddy will go, but baby & I are going to play it by ear. If she's napping, I am not waking her (because she needs the sleep and hopefully I will be sleeping as well.) I know people want to see her and will be disapointed if we don't go, but I have to take care of us first and foremost. Yesterday, daddy's family in Spain arrived and are here for 2 weeks and that is the occasion for the get together (but there will be others these next 2 weeks as well.)

Cute Hair

I thought her hair looked cute. It's fine for when she is playing, but when she nurses she likes to play with her hair and then pulled them out & I have to take them from her right away because they are small and could be a choking hazard. Plus, they would have been in the way when she nursed on the other side. I like making her look all girly-girly, but clothes and hair pieces are as far as it will go. We decided she won't get her ears pierced until she is old enough to want it and take care of it. I just don't understand the people that pierce the ears of little babies. That can't feel good for them, especially when they sleep with their head to the side (on their ears). I remember when I got my ears pierced and that hurt for a couple days as it healed and I had to kerep putting that solution on it to make it feel better. She needs to be old enough to do that herself.

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