Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Charts

Weight Chart
She weighed 19 pounds 8.5 ounces yesterday and that puts her at 91st percentile.

I talked to the nurse at the Family Clinic about my starting to feeling jealous about friends with babys close in age to her crawling already or about to crawl. She told me that generally boys start crawling earlier and are working on their gross motor skills while girls are working on their communication and social interaction skills and generally say their first word before boys. Wel, she is definitly been working on that. Some of her babble start are starting to sound like actual English words. Plus she's been working on her fine motor skills and is working on that pinher grasp, which she is getting better and better at every day. The nurse also said they only work on one skill at a time, so if one week they are working on speech then they won't be working on the fine or gross motor skills. Makes sense I guess. I feel better now. But she did talk to me about how I can help encourage her to develop her gross motor skills more.

Length Chart
And the length of 29.25 inches is still off the charts.

We've been brushing her gums since she was about a month old - yes, it is STILL gums. And I have a little song I sing when we brush her teeth;
Brush the bottoms, brush the bottoms
Then the top, then the top
Brush the bottoms, brush the bottoms,
Now the top, now the top
Well, anyways, the last week or so we've also been giving her the toothbrush to try it herself (she likes getting her gums brushed) and last night she actually did it the way the songs states and switched the toothbrush around to do the top when I sang that, then the bottoms again when I sang that, and again back to the top. It could have been a fluke, but I was amazed. She does a good job at her brushing too and doesn't like to stop. Up to this point she just watched in the mirror as we brushed her teeth. She also watches as we brush her hair, but she isn't brushing her own hair yet, she wants that to go in the mouth to.

I have been working with her on some sign language. She hasn't done any of them herself, but she seems to know the sign & words we say before we pick her up, as well as taking a bath, and seems to know the sign for more (when talking about her banana puffs) and is starting to seem like she knows the sign for milk. But I will be really impressed when she does one of the signs herself.

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