Thursday, December 14, 2006

Happy Thursday! ( I Know I Used that Title Before)

Such a Pretty, Drooly Baby
No teeth yet. I've decided that they are just not coming in. So, now I am not waiting for them to come and if they do come - well - good for her.

Her onesie today says "If You Think I'm Pretty, You Should See My Mom!" Darn right!

She's worn everything here before, except the socks - they are new. Her feet are finally growing a bit where we need to stop wearing the 0-6 month socks and can move onto 6-12 month socks, although those are a little big too.

Poster Child for Early Reading
I saw a picture of Geri Halliwell and her 7 month old baby in a magazine and she has chubby cheeks just like Isabel. Same all over chubbiness that Isabel has. Her baby's name is Bluebell Madonna. I am not sure about the name Bluebell.

At work I have the kids making scrapbooks about themselves and I sometimes like to do the things with them (but a step ahead) so they can see what I am talking about. So, I am making a scrapbook about Isabel and her first 6 months and using all the double pictures I had for myself at work. I neer really did the scrapbooking thing, but I think this is nice. Some of the kids seem to be enjoying it too.

While I was pregnant, I started a journal of letters to her. That slowed down after I gave birth to her and really slowed down after I went back to work. Although I have been keeping up very nicely in her baby book and in her "Baby's First Year" calendar (both were gifts.) But, those things sometimes miss the little things, so this scrapbook will have some of that. It's just a homemade thing out of construction paper, but it does the job. Not sure if I will ever really get into scrapbooking though.

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