Tuesday, December 26, 2006

After Christmas

Some Close-ups
I was trying out the new camera and I just don't like the quality of the pictures. I really expected something better from a 5.1 megapixel. Our current one is a smaller megapixel, but I thought it had better pictures. I was messing around with it all yesterday and this morning and was just not have with the quality of the pictures, so daddy returned it and got a different one for me, a different brand and an even higher megapixel. Hopefully this one will be better.

My Teeth Hurt
Teeth? Naw. I'm not getting my hopes up, even though I can feel the bumps there now. I am saying it is a figment of my imagination. Although yesterday and today she was quite cranky. I did get her down for some good naps today and this afternoon after she woke up she was in much better spirits.
Her nose is still stuffy, but this time it's just clear stuff. And she's not much into eating -- just nursing. But she's so exhausted that within minutes of nursing she falls right to sleep.
Is This Number 3?
On the bottom of the stacking cups it has sequential numbers. And sometime between yesterday and today the number 3 cup went missing. I think it got sucked into the same oblivion that socks go to.

Just look at the huge drool wet spot on her top. Crazy.

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