Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Outfits

I'm A Good Girl
I may not have slept through the night, but I did let mom have 2 full sections of 4 hours of sleep. She's happy with me.

Last night she was working on her pincher grasp with he banana puffs and trying to feed herself and up until last night she had not been successful. She has now fed herself for the first time.

We did go bowling with daddy's family (well, mommy & Isabel didn't bowl, we played). She did a great job and played nicely. The bowling alley was loud, but kinda that white noise loud, so I don't think it bothered her really. And since we were on an end and had our own little corner to set up in, she didn't seem as bothered by all the people like she has at other places.

I Like Red.

Gramps asked us the other day what her favorite color is and we have to say red. She just seems drawn to it. Whenever daddy when his red shirt or his red & white sleeping pants she just can't take her eyes off of him. She that way with this orange shirt he has too, but it's orange in the same brightness as the reds. She likes the bright Baby Einstein blocks, but they are a little hard to put in her mouth. She got a little freaked out by her Lily frog today. I'm not sure I ever really gave it to get to play with before. When she went to eat it's head and was pushed against her body it turned on and said, "Hi, I'm Lily." Kinda freaked her out a bit. She has not really been that interested in toys that makes sounds or vibrate. She likes lights though.

So, Am I a Present or What?

Mommy scored some good deal on NWT Christmas outfits on eBay. This one I suppose could be a for a boy or girl, but we added a nice bow on top and you can't mistake she's a girl. The other outfits are dresses. All nice 3-piece outfits & all 12-month size. This on is a shirt, vest, & pants. Although the pants are a little long and we had to roll them up (but they still creep up when she sits). We should be able to wear the pants with other tops for a while. It's a very comfy outfit.
The dresses are a romper dress and come with a shirt and tights. Well be seeing those soon - I think I have those for actual Christmas days.

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